I knew the truth in the fifth grade, when he entered the classroom with pleasure and condemned a lecture about the seriousness of the speech with strangers. As for his words, he started leafing through pictures of children who were missing. One of the children in the pictures was familiar, his name was Brandon Knox, He was kidnapped for six years, the name was familiar, his shape was familiar, the picture was standing between his father and his mother, whose shape he was familiar with, when she knew who he was, then she knew the truth
Da I ​​was ….
I was able to watch the teacher or the teacher on the truth, it was possible to do a lot of things, but I love the people I live with, I love my parents, I love my current family, I do not think of any need for my real family, and Mendish ready to start my life from the first, In my footsteps of my true family, my real people keep me neglected and I miss them. I turn them on or back to them.
At least for a while
I have kept the truth for myself for 7 years, I have a 17 year old, and my life is very excellent, my family are good and respectful, they love me and sell me sweet and I do not need it, just let me get my friends at home and I need a quixote. I’m the happiest teenager in the world.
Or you …
Every need changed for what they took home!
When she came down to the living room, a little girl had a base with a baba on the sofa, her look was strange, Mama was very smiling, saying, “John, you want to meet your new sister, Emily”
The girl looked at me, so she did not look at her features any expressions, about 5 or 6 years old, her hair is black and interlaced, I was able to accept the idea that they kidnapped me, but they kidnap a second girl ?, I can not understand their point of view.
I tried to manage my anger and my fear, and I asked them: “Are they Menen?”
Baba bosom and he says: “We adopted it, they will be afraid of a little in the first, and can be afraid to let her make up some lies, but we need to contain and love”
He was very happy, and I was very angry
Mamma said gently as she swooped down on my shoulder: “Can Toure Emily get it ?,” she said in a guest’s mood,
She was behaving as if she had not been kidnapped by a child!
Emily stood and walked quietly to my side. I caught Edie, walked around her and walked up the ladder, her hand was cold, I was whispering to myself that I was participating in the crime
We got the guests’ egg, we entered and locked the door, Emilie stood by the side of the bed, dressed him with strange looks, I asked her: “Your name, eh?”
Bakhouf said: “Tell me my name is Emily”
I was confused, and I said: “I know, they are saying to you, but … you came to me, the people of Tani, right ?, sure and possessive, do you love to turn on them and return to you?”
She said with fear: “Oh, they were Bicololi, Lilith”
Strangely, it is a place where there is no fear, but a normal and haunting fear. I say: “OK, well, I try to know every need for your parents, they do not allow them to hurt you”
I sat down on the bed and said quietly: “But I do not want to go back to them”
“I do not want to go back to them? Why do not you want to come back to your family?”
She smiled a strange smile and said: “Salvation, I do not know, I want your family Intllokti”
Laura returned, her voice … in which she needed a voice in my heart, I stood in horror and I said: “My family?”
“I think I’m a little bit tired and I’m playing with them, I pray quickly, and their parents are very happy, they could steal a child from his family in the middle of the day, not so much, and they can forget him all the needs of his former family, and Kaman convince him that they are his true family, The subject is strange … True, you are all stupid, but do you know who you are ?, You are Brandon … I do not say you, John ?, You are pathetic, I know the truth, and even though I was designed to live with those who kidnapped you,
The girl is not a normal girl, I was dancing with fear and I could not speak
I said to her: “Are you coming?”
She smiled a sinister smile and said: “You are less and weaker than you know I am Maine, but I leave Arif … Your whole life will turn to the worst,
She came out of the room quickly with a scary laugh
They may be my kidnappers
But Lilith …
Lilith was the most horrible and ugliest thing of all
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