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The game is inspired by an ancient Japanese civilization legend related to six dead and missing thumb, telling the story of the young woman who was killed in the villa with her luggage, her body was brutally intermittently thrown all over the place, But, strangely, her left thumb was missing. Why do not you choose to play the game? Finding the missing thumb remains your job
My friend and student at the university, usually spend all our time playing strange games online, and from time to time we gather our courage and play a game of the famous horror games, the needs of the man of the sand or Charlie Charlie, but games are trivial and not satisfied with our curiosity, A scary and terrifying need, to the extent that we met the thumb game, we got the instructions for it, it was easy, and we needed a lot of effort, we decided to play it
As soon as the game begins, you and your friends have to sit in a circle. In our case, I was Katherine and I, so we decided to hold some Adam, each one of us caught her North friend Id, and with her right thumb we pressed the North thumb for some, the rest of the rules are easy and clear.
1 – Whatever happens, twinkle your friend ‘s thumb
2 – Whatever happens, pickled and raked
3 – No matter what happens, Blash tamping the candle in the villa is chosen
4 – No matter what happens, your eyes are open except for the missing thumb
Simple rules, or we thought it was simple rules
“Oyayobi Saagashi, I hear our appeal … Oyayobi Saagashi, to our wish”
We waited a long time after that, but nothing needed happened
When she collapsed and opened her eyes, I discovered that we were not sitting in the private room between us, staring in astonishment, and Catherine was standing in the far corner of the room
Catherine whispered to Lia with a voice of fear: “Sarah, eh, what’s going on?”
The room is completely empty, the floor is covered with a thick layer of dust. It says that the entrance to the foyer is from many years. The only need in the room was a small table in the middle of the room and above it a candle. Where the boxes are empty and neglected
I began to understand that the game had succeeded, and I understood that we were at great risk, and I began to turn into the vulgar funds
Catherine asked me with fear and not understanding: “Do you work?”
I said angrily, and I played a role: “Do you want to die or not? Obviously, the game has worked, we need to meet the missing thumb”
She showed signs of disbelief, saying: “Da silly words Oy”
I ignored it and preferred to turn around, but I did not see anything, but I did not see any trace of the thumb. I looked at the candle. The text was melted by the flames.
Kathryn stood up and did not let me worry
She shook her hands and said angrily: “Sara, it’s impossible to be certified, we’re flying the game,
She lifted her eyes from the stack of boxes to her side, and now her lips were standing, and Laura Katharine, six feet tall, her skin black and her hair smashed, her scalp bleeding and blood on her chest and body. I looked at her hand and noticed that her thumb was missing. Very much, but I was a terrible smell of her from here, I do not know how Catherine is able to bear the smell of mildew and she stood Adhamha
It seems that Catherine noticed the look of fear in my eyes, she asked anxiously: “Malik?”
Slowly and calmly I said to her: “Spit and rake!”
I was about to move Catherine’s hand when she heard the candle, near to get rid of it, but her body was in need, she needed the shape of a thumb, the look of the candle and two hands of the six and Catherine
I was about to give it to Kathryn and say that I had the missing thumb, suddenly … The six stretched out her hand and dropped it on Catherine’s shoulder, I cried out in fear, but it was too late, Kathryn drew slowly and slowly as she saw her, the last thing I needed was the six, Strongly, the blood of Peter everywhere, Catherine screams with fear
She looked at me with fear, the time we were sitting in our dorm room, Catherine was the base of Adami and I was scared to meet, but I needed a sense of need, a sense that she was holding her hand from Eddie,
My eyes were closed because Catherine’s thumb was missing, because we failed to meet the thumb because of Catherine’s rush and her breaking of the rules. Catherine’s thumb gave way to her missing thumb
I do not know how to play the missing thumb under any circumstances and for whatever reason
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