saved my life

Mohammed Esmat
I met Satan for the first time in my life. I did not have 17 years, and in the day Da … saved my life
I was standing at the bus station, the bus station, Yiji. I was very happy. I was a loyal friend of mine after school and my son. On the day I forgot the sun with my luggage. What do you know? What day do you forget your sun?
The rain turned into icy lumps of snow, I was just ignoring the fact that I was totally dizzy, suddenly … I felt the rain stopped, I lifted my eyes and lip … The devil, he was standing by my side,
He was like humans, but in a strange and frightening need, he was long and gentle, his shoulders bent forward as if he were on a need for land
His face was slender, his bones prominent and painted with a broad smile revealing teeth of light gray color
He said, “You hear what happened?”
I replied: “No, what did he get?”
“The bus is not going to be the day, the driver was drunk and the accident happened, all the passengers died”
The last sentence he said with joy and rejoicing, my whole body trembled
I did not want to know him or not, but I decided to walk anyway, I felt I had to go away for as long as possible
I said to him: “Ok, where they are, I have to walk”
Alia replied: “Keep up the good, walk, I’ll tell you … my cheek is my gift”
He gave him the sun with Leah, and without any thought of her cheek, and I, with her, Eddie touched his hand, I felt a chilling chill running through my whole body
On the same day, a report about the bus incident was published in the news bulletin, just like the man I met. He said, “All the passengers died. There was one difference, but the incident happened after the bus station where I was standing. I did not convince me to walk.
Once upon a time I was in my first year at university. I was in my bedroom, sitting on my desk and reading one of my books.
I asked him in astonishment: “You!”
Calmly replied high said: “ah, I”
The book was quietly locked in a chair. When he faced me, Smiley had the same smile that revealed his gray teeth
He said with a smile: “I missed you a gift”
I felt a strange fear in my face and I asked him: “Really?”
” Of course ”
He put his hand in the pocket of his jacket, and he produced a pink notepad. The name “Alain Hartwell”
And gently said: “De obedience gentle blonde who is with you in the lecture psychology, which you admire her and prefer to focus on, we are after the lecture Idihla and say that you received and designed to return to them, and ask them to accept your instinct on the Asha”
Put the netbook on the desk
I said to him confusedly: “Thank you”
He said with a vague smile: “Mtkrnish, Heiji the day you Hrtdli every Da, and the time to know, the important … I see you two dimensions”
He came out of the door, came out and saw him, but he had no trace
Completely disappeared
The last time I saw him was the day when my son Etold, my wife Alain was a nimah in bed and I was watching him from the job and with a quick shower, I got out of the bathroom and I was brushing my hair to see him standing in the corridor between the bathroom and the sleeping
He said with a wide smile: “Izik, my friend?”
Laura and I came back and said, “You scared me!”
He smiled sarcastically and said: “OK, listen to me, today I want you to intervene and talk to your wife, and the day is born, but she is not married, her brother prepares and her parents psychologically”
My heart was pawn quickly, my wife was born the day ?, my whole body was refreshed, I felt a sense of gentle
I asked him, “Are you helping me?”
He smiled a strange smile before saying: “Know every need in time”
He concluded his sentence and went down to the role below, and when he came down and saw him he disappeared as usual
Mazarnish Tani the length of my life, but sometimes I felt the presence, feeling a strange feeling and scary attack me, many years passed, in the end I forgot all the need for him
Until the day the police visited me
They were all together, they dug all the floors in my house
In the end they were fired
The remains of a six-year-old corpse, 37 years old, were buried in the back garden, and they arrested my only son
The length of the trial my son was saying that the devil is the one who forced him to commit the crime De, but of course checked his sincerity or pay attention to his words
But I knew him immediately when he saw his photographs, which my son had painted
I thought of him when he saw the picture my son had painted for him
The devil my son painted was thin, his bones prominent and painted with a broad smile, revealing teeth of light gray
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The Savior / Santa Claus
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