The Savior / Santa Claus

Mohammed Esmat
One hour ·
Dear Mrs. Miller …
I’m sorry, I’m confused between you and Mrs. Miller Aisha in the state of Tania
O God, let me start from the first time
I am thinking of selling my work to you, or else I will punish them in my way and put them in the bad list, what is important, who is your answer ?, Santiago ?, ah … Isaac, David, I wish your wife Lexa be okay
We entered the subject, I do not want to waste my time and time, and of course your time, you, David
I want to tell you that your daughter Jennifer was a very nice year
Because I needed to make her wish, or … request, anyway, I’m not supernatural nor am I reaping, I’m sure I understand, the important I decided to implement one request, which request she wished, whatever
Wada is the reason that I am confused by your writing Deloitte
If you know the need for the subject, no matter what, I’m sorry. I’m the person who brought you the subject. Da, but your husband is a bad guy. I think David told you, many people think that all bad people have the same degree. The bad, but not the truth, your husband is worse than them all
You and your daughter deserve to be on the list of the Good Year De, but your husband is completely opposite, your age asked me yourself … Why is your daughter afraid of the attic all the fear da?
I visited you on the day of the fast visit, I want to tell you, despite all the precautions and locks that you have covered, I was able to enter the house easily, and move in my comfort, you need to take precautions more than Keda, the world in search of safety
The important
When she entered the house, Jennifer was sober, she was a base in her room and with a gesture, I stood up and heard her from the door of the door. She was calling our Lord with fear that he was stopping the bad needs that she was getting. She broke my heart, the little girl crying because her father could not know the truth from the mistake. I bear the situation in which she was, entered the fashion and estimated her silence before you scream, hate what they cried, your daughter was as nice as usual, gift and Ktltha every need to stay completely
As soon as she calmed down completely, tell me all that your husband was selling it, and in detail, I can not tell you details but I am sure you are the Hastentji who happened, I think you had to ask her on the day she gave him, but you chose to ignore her, so the first one to ask and care about her is a stranger Quite apart from you, a stranger storming your house on a dark night, my friend Khulani I doubt completely that you know all the need
I need to tell you my heart and jealousy of the needs that your husband was selling her in your innocent little girl, the girl will need many years of psychological treatment, which of course I do not care about him because it is very expensive, your dreams will all disappear if you decide to treat your daughter, On being a nice and good girl, I asked her to ask for a request and I took it and without hesitation I asked
“I want Baba to go far”
Why do not you listen to a little girl, wish you wish, I can never forget it, 40 years old with the wishes of children, and the first time I heard security in form
I wished Jennifer a good night and her sleep in a faraway bed
I returned home and I am full of enthusiasm and energy
I entered the kitchen, the place where Jozek wont take care of it
The first thing I saw, I fell on my mouth as I sat down to ask him to shut up
I told him that my mood is a monster and a little Sabri
He grabbed a knife and tried to stab me … just try
But I expect that I am faster than him and far away
Makdrash holds together and is impulsive
He fell on the ground and the knife dragged his chest
Kada Dori is finished
No need for another work
I decided to walk
The last need I want to tell you …
I watch you even in your sleep
Watch you in your health
Hafer Inti quesa and no beast
Fakhliky quesa because of my mind!
Greetings to …
The Savior / Santa Claus

My husband dropped a large piece of meat Adami and he said: “I came to Turkey for two minutes,
saved my life

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