My husband dropped a large piece of meat Adami and he said: “I came to Turkey for two minutes,

My husband dropped a large piece of meat Adami and he said: “I came to Turkey for two minutes,
I grabbed the fork and the knife and began to cut the piece of meat to a smaller, was almost the intention of what I love, thanked him with gratitude: “Thank you, you do what I love”
The first months are always the hardest, the vomiting is very much, and the upper bacon is to add my place, the carpet … the bed … the mattress … the carpet, all of it is blended and softened because of the vomit, which is controlled by me, and I do not differentiate the type of food I eat, Whatever you try, the subject is finished and I can control it, and nausea always starts at inappropriate times
Honestly? … I do not feel comfortable as a time
I’m not sure what to say, but I do not believe it, I do not believe it, I do not think I said it until after I repeat it. Time, and hours by making illogical actions
I changed the side effects that I expected
The recurring fainting costume, from the day when I was greeting the church with Stephan, and as soon as I entered the door, I felt very weak and hard to resist.
When Stefan Bisli exclaimed: “I miss you, you are a quixote, there’s no need to go there, I’m very sorry”
I spent about a week not moving but simple movements, base in the bed by screening the series that I love, and my husband will serve me in everything from A to Z, and in the end it remained a complete quesa
But I knew that if I was expecting to get drowsy and nauseated, I’d read all the books that were talking about the subject. They said that once it started, the needs started to change, and everything needed changed for the better. , Is not it?
However, despite every need, he warned me of the side effects. He warned me of the pain and pain. My neck aches me severely for two months. I do not feel as much as I can bear the pain. All of my body hurts me in one way or another.
S non allergic and rash, all of a sudden my whole body dictated a rash and the length of time I wanted to cringe in, especially in the neck area around the chain, Attgenen, Stephan was brought to Bidenley hours cream to ease the pain but the whole subject was sad
He warned me of anxiety and insomnia. He warned me against the faint sounds that I was talking all the time in my head. I slept in my bed for long periods. I was concentrating on any need to keep quiet.
Stephan Biedemni all the time, with a manly hand … your hand is drowsy … trying to help me … beigeble gifts all the time
Stefan is a perfect husband
But he is Arif
Aref that if you call a demon because it takes possession of your body in exchange for it is a specific request to be asked, it is difficult
But in the end …
It’s worth it

Mohammed Esmat5
The Savior / Santa Claus

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