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Mohammed Esmat
I was standing in Adam’s corridor, sleeping in the house of Idrush. The house was empty and completely haunted. The corridor was long. The front door of the house was clean from afar. I could not move. I felt I should be here. I waited for a lake. I was aware that I was conscious and focused. In an incomplete need, fearing and perplexing, I tried to control my body and move, but I was moved
I heard the sound of the front door open, in a man who entered it, a piece of paper or a word, I listened to what was near me and began to show it
Because of his lips, I felt I need to accept him, I said: “Hey”
Without what drives Shifaif said: “Hai”
I heard it clearly, although it was boisterous, but it was high and clear
I was dancing with his eyes, and although I felt I needed to stick to the rest of his features, I moved his eyes on him, and I began to look at his shape
His hands and legs longer than normal, his body is thin and oily and pale, my sense that I was supposed to notice his presence, but I know and know his existence
I felt he was a stranger, so I told him: “You are a stranger”
High answer once again than what he speaks: “Ah”
I felt that I was not disappointed with my life, so I said to him: “I am not hypocritical.”
He smiled, even though he was shaking his lips and shaking his nose, but I felt and knew that he had smiled
His hand slowly and curiously hand Wuxi, long, oily, long and soft, mind, I think I should notice, I sense that I was supposed to notice his presence, but I know and know his existence
I felt that I was angry, I needed to scream brutally, I need to ask for help limit, the thing Da Bwazini, Biwazini, My body hurts
Laura returned
The supposed place back Laura
The man was praying, he was angry, he cried out loud, as if they were a thousand people screaming from his mouth
I was standing in the sleeping egg of a house I could know, some pieces of furniture strewn here or there, I heard the sounds of Arab satchels Jay from the land, but the sound was weak, the man near me Tani, I could not see his eyes, I felt I needed the best control
I felt I need to touch his lips, so I told him: “I need you to touch and drink”
Without what Shafeef stirred said: “Ah”
Near the long and frightening longness of the shi
I felt I need to steal his mind from me, Vtlthlh: “I am supposed Assebk steal my mind from me”
But my sense was screaming, and the sound of shouting was high and alarming
Without what Shafeef stirred said: “Ah”
Laura came back quickly
“But I do not allow you”
He was angry, he cried out loud, as if they were a thousand people screaming from his mouth
I was standing in a sleeping egg house I started to recognize it, Di nomei egg, Da furniture and the need for my need, the street voice was very high
There was a strange man in my house, his hands and legs all the way up a notch consistent with his body, a place I must notice his presence
I could not see the eyes of him, it was a feeling that I needed to watch him better
But then I discovered an important need
Da is not a natural man
Da is not a man originally
My sense cried out: “See my home land”
I screamed: “See my home land”
Agha encourages and screams more: “See my house”
He began to retreat from Adami, I felt strong by immersing myself in my body. I cried out angrily at him, before he cried, I cried out strongly, I wanted to destroy him, I wanted to kill him, because I was trying to control my mind again.
He screamed loudly, his voice was terrifying, it was scary, but no … Da Makash his voice, da was the sound of thousands of people who stole their minds, began to retreat back to the front door
I shouted angrily, “I’m not here again.”
He shouted in an annoying voice
I repeated: “I will not be here again”
Without Shafeef moving, he said, “I’m not back here anymore”
As soon as my body disappeared, my body collapsed
Da Petit, Da Jasmi and Mindful
A place that I am supposed to see or know exists
But I lip
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