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Mohammed Esmat
Comentatcom Ali Post, the children were more terrifying needs than the Post, so good evening and a happy reading and sleep well and terrifying dreams
1 / I hate the corner of the fashion Btaati as the burned leg who is going to square in it
2 / My aunt’s daughter 4 years follow-up at the doctor of children Assoula, there is a period tells us Dr. Nuno,
We say it is not originally pregnant and we try to convince her impossible, says God is Nunu !!
She had a cam from the day they told us the doctor put it on and on vacation!
3 / I Mbshvsh need but Alhawia Elly Kano Bishofoa border blue color and blue and then resign after that I felt the limit of your likeness and coincidence that all remain in the days I worry about a great need and when I grew up the blue and blue
4 / My eldest son is about 3 years was Baiji in the bathroom near dawn and it is a laughing and laughing, says Izik, Amo Come on, Mama peaceful on my mother,
5 / days of high school exams I was a sincere exam, I returned after all day grew tired and thirsty: 12 o’clock at night on my phone, the limit was Peteal, I was the salvation and locks Alfon, with the grace of my heart I was standing in front of me and his feet not touching the ground and its features mingled and not focused Oy disappear
6 / Once the daughter of Khali we were Bentfrj on television to meet her once Bmqlqp roof and vote a lot Mklnhp Mknjtch, I can not move her man, we knew two dimensions that it was a small need and have two eyes Nrvsh Ahh Come to my limit
7 / Mama says that if we were small Sibani I and my sister in the fashion on our own, my sister was surprised and suddenly silent, Mama Jet say that she silent how? , I am confused, I do not know how many are silent
8 / My son all that goes into the bathroom is shaking and say walk, cat!
9 / My sister has 4 years and her hair is a very long time wear and play with the limit is not there to play and Keda, and when I asked her play with Maine consult on the border not exist and say de!
10 / I had 5 years and lived in Saudi Arabia and Malish sisters, I was born between Baba and Mama, Mama Mnqbh and attached to Abaya and Naqabha and see the door of fashion, every day before sleep better sedentary and they sleep before me, I was Dima Blaqi Aldhom de Avatar and embroidered by people throughout And they said: “O God, O us, O verse,” and Kano spoke with a terrible love. I was very frightened, and I performed a mama or a baba, and I hugged them until I slept.
They preferred a lot of Kada and the subject began to grow up and I fear Aktar and Aateat and thirsty sleep and Mama Satisfied by his desire Abil Abayat on the day of Kater Ayati and fear of the Pope said salvation Henchelm, after the subject concluded after months of my life in my life, which I forgot because you always sense that they are inside In every place, no matter what the house is, in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, and one day they returned. To the extent that Tita died, and the house of Tita was wearing a white veil, I began to sleep for them inside the door with comfort and comfort. Hniji in it, think quickly Htigy us, and not if we came from the Balcony de, never returned to me ا, آية الدنيا هتتعبك أوي, User Name Remember Me? Password FAQ Calendar Mark Forums Read Threads Tagged with اكتر Thread / Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views Forum أكتر,
The time was my soul, I was tired and I agree with them, but I tried to overcome my mother, I only knew her fate, and I know my fate and I know that I am not happy, but I was annoyed, I did not run away with them, Sure, the last time you say, last time ”
She spoke softly and calmly, I was satisfied, and the first thing I walked was I was moved
11 / My sister Jet Jiri from Brazil, Jet Janabi and Kanteli: “It is possible to Tiji Maaya Bara, I want to answer something but fearful”
Quthalha: “Mashi but you are afraid of what”
She had her watch for 4 years, and the boy and the girl said, “I trust the couch and I fear them …”
12 / and I am small 3 years Mama was Jaibali Basla Kada in the form of a dog with two small puppies, I was a dreamer and I dreamed of Balzl, bitch and Picasso Piccab and her teeth protruding, as far as I walked from the bed to the wheel about 10 steps Two big men and I am a bird of my feet I did not touch the ground, I returned from the cupboard for the bed and I stood up, Mama entered the top of the fashions and why did not the subject matter, I’m sure that I was dancing and voice and I am a bird right over the bed!
This is not the problem, but I do not know what the problem is. I did not talk to Mama, but I did not speak to Mama. She left my brother and we were isolated from the apartment and the pazel was lost except for one piece. And dream in the day the same dream and healthy vote and said the same dream dream, the bitch headed by Becber, time I thought Mama the incident Manshash despite the years of its time and I stressed my case did not enter the top of the fashion and Remina the piece which is virtuous Valbazl, Albazl was haunted Really !
13 / Lea sister and we are small was diligent in the study, on the day Mama received the fashion on her the text of the night and say to her dumbly: “Kifaya Keda and Nami”
I asked her, “Why, Mama, how are you crying and sleeping?”
She said to her: “What Ikhash and Makmts of my sleep except the morning” …!
14 / Mama Btkoli and I have two years I went to her stomach and Ktatlha here in Muhammad and Mama Mntnc pregnant after a week, she said to the doctor and said she was pregnant and really remained Mohammed Ze what I called

I am an emergency nurse
Mohammed Esmat4

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