I am an emergency nurse

We have a patient who died unexpectedly during the night, I forgot to tell you .. I am an emergency nurse
I was a mechanic who was in his job because of the crisis. They took him here with a work load and his body was covered with grease. He was the sixth time to tell us the same problem in five weeks, and every time. Doctors are diagnosed and diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia and chlamydia medications, analgesics and pyroids!
But if he was tired of them himself and heard the voice of himself was known to be a need in the air breathing, the subject is not the subject of inflammation of the people of air, and it turned out that he had a huge tumor in the respiratory tract is the cause of crises, we asked him to work radiology and analysis And the process of scanning, and during the whole week I was thinking about it and is it able to perform surgery to remove the tumor if not?
And even though he is a huge man and he has the power, but every time he is a Pisaly and he is afraid: “I am a con artist .. I am a man, I have to return my job because my family needs money”
Even though I was a butcher, his condition was very difficult
After that day we went to an Arab ambulance and he was very late and we had to send him to one of the cancer treatment centers, but I knew of them after they refused to receive him and they expelled him because his condition is stable and they have more critical cases.
He was comfortable in his house and even though I asked him to set a date with the center, he would go and reveal it again, but he smiled and said that he was fine
Tani day his wife came out to buy a need and when I returned surprised surprised by the death of his face and his face is very swollen and fight when he can breathe, was on his phone peddle crazy but the swelling of the cell is not clear Qwais, and along called the ambulance who toured at maximum speed
When we arrived, the swelling was in addition to the pre-existing tumor, which completely blocked the respirator. He was struggling to breathe and we were fighting to treat him. Unfortunately, despite the intervention of the surgeons and their interest, he died and was saved.
Matt and the Mask of Eddie and Behams: “Please”
When I told the sad news of his wife, she smiled sadly and said, “I’m not a fan .. He was very upset and I wish I could rest … I know that he is not a himshi”
Because they are a poor family, they can explain the body. His wife was designed to explain the body when the doctors who were diagnosed with the condition were mistaken. They said it was pneumonia, but the hospital administration refused and the prosecutor refused.
And despite his death and the end of the subject, but if I have a strange feeling that it is not so surprised!
And my day has ended and I decided to go
I was surprised that all the patients in the hospital complained of sudden self-restraint in their eyes, and said that the alarm bell was unnaturally loud from one of the empty rooms. Once again, as computers and medical devices were full of strange and strange orders and strange results, it was a strange and difficult day, the bell continued to summon the length of my veins and I was afraid to enter the empty room, afraid be a Bistani!
At night the subject was different
We heard the sound of the breathing of the man who died from the air of the room where he died, the same way and with the same sounds as if he was not there, he was pointing at us from the door of the locked door and pestering between us but neither of us had the courage to open the door and intervene
The biggest problem was in the next role of the hospital, the scary role .. the abandoned who has rumors and a lot of Bayddr know him, at night security heard the voice of a child Bindh them to see them come down to Khayef
The problem was that the surveillance cameras actually showed the presence of a child in the above role but at the end of the corridor and one of the walls was a fantasy of a huge man waiting for any limit to see how to save the child … Why the day the face of the child disappeared completely and has no trace .. !
The limit in you has an explanation of Ali Ahmed !!

Mohammed Esmat
Mohammed Esmat3

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