Mohammed Esmat

Mohammed Esmat
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I am very happy that I lost the school spirit, I graduated from this year, but almost every day we stayed hearing about the incidents you get in the schools, in the news in the news … by reading them on the net … Limit your behavior, but school accidents are always terrifying
It is a terrible story that happened in our school once, I do not know if there is someone else who knows the whole truth, I myself … Although I know all that happened but I did not understand him and I do not know to explain, the subject is greater than my ability to explain
We were in the middle of the next class, it was a math class, I was asked for the needs of the bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathrooms in our school were in a stand alone, away from the classrooms. I was on the way to the bell. The bell rang for the first time. I started hearing Jay’s voice from the school’s internal radio
“Dear teachers and students, we are in a state of emergency, if you do not train, please, all the gentlemen teachers and students carried out what they trained”
I was listening to the first round, but all the doors were already closed. I was hearing the sound of the doors of the classrooms closing, and suddenly … I was completely alone
It was possible to hide in the bathrooms, but the bathrooms we had without locks because of an old accident happened when a group of entrants locked the door on a new student by air and Sabo all day tied to the air, it was very difficult I choose to hide her air
I ran in the corridor where I hid. I had to make a place before I needed a serious need. In the end I saw a place that was useful. My only chance was an open closet. It seemed to be the work of the addressees, and it was good luck to have a bolt that I could close. The light quickly closed and was completely silent
The only light I saw was the light that was coming from under the door. I silently listened. I heard the Sarinets approaching, until I reached and stopped completely. The time began to pass. I was sure I was supposed to be hilarious. I did not hear a need and I was not supposed to be nervous. Bees
Suddenly I started to hear the sound of foot steps, many feet in fact, stopped in the corridor, I was listening to the radios with their voices and the sounds of their words, I do not know they are Pedorua on Maine, because I decided my best place for the end
One of them was specifically the leader, he said in a tone of strength and strength: “Are you all in your places?”
A second person, who appears to be responsible but less than his rank, replied: “We are well aware that the suspect here, team no. 3 on the other side, team 2, is not entering the building. Get out of it ”
The person in charge answered him: “Ques, Khalik Faker, he has the ability to be like anyone, but he is not allowed to escape, my fault is that he is here, and it is my duty to correct my mistakes”
I can hear you moving after Kada, in which there was the sound of a lot of movement, a lot of people talking to each other, I needed a better place for a longer time, I could not afford the treasury and I returned my leg
Suddenly the air evaporated and the official shouted loudly: “Prove your place, lift your hands above”
“I slept on the ground and your hands were clear to everyone”
The silence of Tam only from the sound of footsteps, and guns Ttamar if they are ready if there is a need, Tani shouted: “I told you sleep on the ground, Eaui trying to work if you think about it, you are not in the institution salvation”
I expected that I would hear the sound of bullets, the sound of an exchange of fire, but never expected … I would never hear a scream
I heard the sound of a natural scream, the sound of a cryptic thing, like a predatory beast, a wounded man, the voice of my life, what I have heard in my life, and I wish I never heard of it again.
The shooting started, the sound of the terrible yelling screamed, the voices of different screams, the sound of crying with pain, the shadow of the shadows of the people moving the pillars of the treasury from below the door, people lying on the ground violently,
I was screaming for a bullet of them I broke part of the door of the treasury, a large part, but it was enough if I see what happens on land, where a person attacked a group of people, but a natural place, where the need is wrong, his body is not controlled, And his feet were longer than he should have been, and he was walking fast, he was bimsk the people and threw them everywhere with a natural force.
The voice of the official, speaking to me, the voice of his voice was weak and his voice was barely, he was sorely hurt when he said: “Team 1, we signed, we signed, Repeated, we signed, in need of the team to add, immediately and quickly ”
I had a lot of tunes until all the sounds ended before I dared to go out on land, but when I came out there was no trace of any need from the lips, even the blood that was covered with every need was completely wiped out.
I went back to my second year, and when they asked me I lied and said I was hiding in the bathrooms, and I did not need to hear the need, I was afraid to say so on his lip and his reputation
At night, when I was happy, I preferred Adam’s television station to the local news bulletin because I knew what he was getting, but they said it was weird.
They said that one of the students stole his father’s pistol and fired at the policemen but succeeded in arresting him. They said that they did not give any other information or even the name of the student until the investigations were completed
They said that an officer from the police force got a need, but I know and Shayef that many people died because of the thing that Da
They said it was a student, but da da makach was a student, and originally humane
Da changed the words of the official of the institution and he Bihad object Da
His words to what he said could be likened to anyone
I do not know exactly what happened today
But Aref said that there was an exchange of gunfire between a student and police
Aref said that they arrested something on its day, Mashovitch, and not Heshov Zeh
Arif, who was treated by the countries of Makanoush, was a regular policeman

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